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Dr. Felecia Phillips

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About MogulCon Radio

Launched during the 8th Annual MogulCon in Nashville, TN MogulCon Radio is a mix of live interviews, inspiring music, educational insights, and everything MogulCon. Created to capture the essence of MogulCon everyday, it's the perfect outlet for Black Entrepreneurs, Influencers & Emerging leaders.

MogulCon is about providing attendees with the resources that will help them build a sustainable strategy and accelerate the growth of themselves and their businesses.

Submit Music to MogulCon Radio

Submit Music

MogulCon Radio welcomes your music submission! We are currently accepting submissions for the below genres:

  • R&B

  • Soul

  • Gospel

  • Conscious Rap/Hip-Hop

To simplify the process, we've created a submission form. This form ensures that the MogulCon Radio team will receive the most important info about your song. If your track is selected, you'll be contacted via the email you provided! Selected tracks will be put into rotation immediately. Submit music by clicking here.

Advertise on MogulCon Radio


Our goal is to bring exposure to your business! Advertising with MogulCon Radio is a great way to launch or supplement your marketing efforts! A successful marketing campaign is centered around creating familiarity around your brand. Our packages use repetition in our live radio, website and social media content to help you achieve that goal.

Is Advertising on MogulCon Radio Right for Me?

Advertising Packages are perfect for:

  • Local & Small Businesses: Lawn Care, General Contractors, etc.

  • Professional Services: CPA, Legal, Financial Advisors)

  • Doctors & Specialists

  • Commercial & Residential Real Estate

  • Health & Wellness Professionals: Life & Fitness Coaches

  • Entertainment: Music Artists, Actors, Producers, DJs, Models

Contact (MogulCon Radio)

Request for More Info

Any questions not answered while browsing? Send me a note and I'll respond within 24-48 hours.


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