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Google to Sunset Google Podcasts by 2024

To stay competitive in an ever-changing digital landscape, Google announced today that they will be "discontinuing [their] Google Podcast" product by the end of the year 2024. The discontinuation is in conjunction with the "increased investment" in the podcasting experience for content creators and listeners on YouTube Music. According to YouTube, they hope that the migration process from Google Podcasts to YouTube Music [will be] "as simple and easy as possible."

From someone who has followed the journey of several new tech platforms all promising to deliver users for our creative works online, I'm apprehensive about creating new content specifically for YouTube Music. What I've found is that these platforms try different things like Google Music, IGTV, Mixcrate, Clubhouse, etc., then the creators adapt, becoming advocates for them because we really have few other choices in these digital spaces unless we want our content buried at the bottom of the algorithm for not playing along. That advocacy turns into full-blown promotional marketing, bringing our followers over and everything, only for the platform to abandon the idea and move onto the next trendy thing.

For now you can listen to my "podcast" via my YouTube channel by clicking the playlist below. While you're there, please subscribe.

About DJ Josie Rock:

Driven by a love of music and a passion for our culture, DJ Josie Rock is an open-format DJ, media personality and entrepreneur currently based in Atlanta, GA. With a deep knowledge of hip-hop, R&B, and Soul, she is a vibe creator like no other, guaranteeing a good time for every type of audience.

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