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Small Biz Spotlight: Realistic Perspectives 360 (Virtual Tours)

Remember the days when you had to go to an arcade and put on a helmet-looking device to transport yourself to another space and time? Well those times, just like the video arcade, are now light-years behind us.

With the increased popularity of devices that let you tap into virtual reality from anywhere. The idea of virtual reality (VR) and virtual tours have made a shift to have become more front-of-mind.

With that fact in mind, I recently sat down with Kevin, who's the owner of RP360 Virtual Tours. RP360 Virtual Tours is a B2B virtual tour agency based in Atlanta that provides virtual tours for businesses looking to increase their marketability online. These businesses also hope to tap into the increasing popularity of VR.

Here's the highlights from our conversation.

DJ Josie Rock: "How did you get started?"

Kevin: "After my first experience with a Google Cardboard VR I was blown away with what I felt Virtual Reality would do for the world in a few years and wanted to position myself to be a part of it. So I purchased the cheapest 360 Camera I could find and started creating experiences to explore in VR which ultimately turned into creating virtual tours and providing a service for others."

DJ Josie Rock: "What has been your biggest challenge since launching your business?"

Kevin: "My biggest challenge when getting started was the fact that the technology was so new that no one even knew they needed it."

DJ Josie Rock: "What has been your biggest success since launching your business?"

Kevin: "I feel weird saying this, but Covid19 helped my business take off."

DJ Josie Rock: "How has the Pandemic impacted your business?"

"With the pandemic forcing people to explore alternatives to the normal way of doing things people began to accept new things and technology was the gateway."

DJ Josie Rock: "What is your outlook on your business and the industry as a whole?"

Kevin: "My business allows people to explore places from a realistic perspective from the comfort of their own homes. I'm looking forward to connecting more people with the images that they need and to help even more businesses get discovered and tap into this growing market."

DJ Josie Rock: "What advice would you give to someone looking to get started in VR Tours?"

Kevin: "Just get started!"

Want to learn more about this business? Check the details below!


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