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Watch THE FULL Renaissance World Tour on YouTube

Can't afford to go to any stops of Beyonce's Renaissance World Tour or want to re-live that one-in-a-lifetime experience? No worries, you can watch the full concert from dang-near every city on the internet for F-R-E-E! At this point it has to be intentional on behalf of Queen Bey's marketing team because there is no way that we'd be able to watch a full tour of one of the greatest performers of our time online, free of charge anytime prior to 2020 without having to jump thru major hoops.

Let's accept our #Beyhive blessing and not tell anyone on social media, ok? And Team Bey; please don't come for my Blog. I'm just the messenger!

Charlotte, NC (08/09/2023):

Atlanta Day 3 (08/14/2023):

St. Louis (08/21/2023):

Las Vegas either 08/28 or 08/29:

A simple search will yield almost any city your heart desires.

You're welcome!

About DJ Josie Rock:

Driven by a love of music and a passion for our culture, DJ Josie Rock is an open-format DJ, media personality and entrepreneur currently based in Atlanta, GA. With a deep knowledge of hip-hop, R&B, and Soul, she is a vibe creator like no other, guaranteeing a good time for every type of audience.

Join her #TeamDJJosieRock team here:


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