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Josie's Weekly Round Up (Week 10)

Catch up with Josie’s #WeeklyRoundUp for the Week November 17th, 2017 below!

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1. Nicki Minaj & Paper Magazine x #BREAKTHEINTERNET

Absolutely this had to be the first thing we cover this week! Nicki Minaj's #BREAKTHEINTERNET edition for Paper Magazine did exactly that! There's no words...Like who, when, why thought of this idea? 3 of her? All slaying, edited perfectly? Ok now! I'm just going to leave some of the photos right here

And in #HatersUnite news, Philly Rapper Eve voiced her distaste for the spread. During a recent airing of her talk show, she stated (among other things) that "I'd rather be a voice for those girls who have no voice in a different way - without showing myself off. I just don't think it's right." Bish stfu.

Do you think if Eve was in Nicki's position she would have turned the job down? Doubtful. My advice to Eve: Take it for what it is and stop hating! 

Moving on.

2. The Movie "Get Out" just got classified as a Comedy/Musical by the Golden Globes

On Wednesday's Energy Radio ATL show (plug: which airs live every Wednesday from 7-9p est on Highly Unique Radio and tunein Radio app) we discussed the movie "Get Out." Y'all remember that movie right? Where that dark-skinned dude get's kidnapped (?) by his white gf in some Southern-feeling town where her parents/family/everybody engage in mind-control brain-swapping terror? Did any of that seem comedic to you? Teacups still freak me out.

Yea, well apparently the Golden Globes selection committee thinks "Get Out" should compete as a "Comedy/Musical" in the upcoming January 7th award show. Comedy? Where were the jokes? Musical? Bish who was singing? LOL. Jordan Peele, who directed this fan-favorite thriller, responded to the designation with the below tweet:

He literally said, "there are no jokes in the movie" in a separate interview. So disrespectful! In a perfect world, Get Out would be classified correctly and we'd be celebrating a great Cinderella story. Let's hope the other award shows i.e., the Oscars, get it right. What do y'all think? Let's chat about this in the comment section below. 

3. Meek Mill Sentenced to 2-4 years for Violating Parole

If you google Meek Mill you'll find all the latest coverage regarding his situation. I'll give you a super summary. Meek is in state prison in Pennsylvania after a judge determined that he violated the terms of his parole following a court appearance this past Monday for two arrests earlier this year (1 for fighting and 1 for popping wheelies on a dirt bike). The judge cited a failed drug test and noncompliance to a court-ordered travel restriction as the reason for his sentencing. 

(Photo cred: getty images)

Meek's circumstance is far too common and goes far above "if you can't do the time, don't do the crime." Our justice system disproportionally and negatively impacts the lives of minorities. Meek is a publicized example of what many Black Men face everyday in this country. The judge's sentence is too harsh when folks are outchere committing worse crimes and walking away with a slap on the wrist. 

CNN's Deena Zaru characterized the importance of Meek Mill's situation in an article featured below:

4. Josie Rock's Song of the Week: Miss Me More – Kelsea Ballerini

#Girlpowervibes. Ladies, this one is truly for you.

Check out "Miss Me More" on Apple Music here!

5. #FreeStuff ALERT!!

I launched DJ Josie Rock Merch last week. This week I'm doing a giveaway! The rules are simple. The first 4 people to repost the below image to their social media pages with the caption, "Join the wave #Josieland @djjosierock" will receive a free layin' low baseball cap (pictured above).

Happy Posting!

And don't forget, "chance favors the prepared mind." - Louis Pasteur

-DJ Josie Rock

What do you think about Josie’s weekly Roundup? Let me know in the comment section down below!


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