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Josie's Weekly Round Up (Week 4)

Yessir! Week 4. Let's jump right into it.

Catch up with Josie’s #WeeklyRoundUp for the Week October 5th, 2017 below!

1. A3C Festival x Electric Flow (Ongoing)

I mentioned in last week's Roundup that I was super geeked about SincerlyJSMN's Electric Flow event. Well, I ventured into Edgewood Land to bring you a review (ATL residents will understand.) The Showcase was LIT! All the artists did a dope job and you'll definitely be hearing me discuss them in the future! My favorite performance was by an artist by the name of Sophia. She closed out the night with BYOB (my song of the week). I LOVE seeing artists perform live! To me, her sound is wavy. Sophia has a voice that's raspy and melodic at the same time. Good vibes all around and be on the look out for more to come on her.

Electric Flow

2. Cardi B vs. Cleveland DJ Fresh

Cardi B, whom I've dubbed the "People's Champ", recently went off on a DJ during one of her performances in Cleveland, OH. From the video, we can see her calling out DJ Fresh for apparently cutting the music to let the crowd have (sing) it? I can't really see what the issue was. So..I've dj'ed a couple album/music release parties and I must say that sometimes the gig comes up last minute and you get the artist's music at literally the very last second. Not making excuses or anything. But did Cardi really need to call him out like this? Just know if I had that gig, No fumbling over here babie. In fact, I would have "flipped it and tumbled it!" (shout out to Guwop).

Shaderoom has the video of her talkin here:

3. RIP to Tom Petty

Sending my condolences to Tom Petty's family and fans. The Rock/Country legend recently passed away on October 2nd in Santa Monica, CA at the age of 66. Who is Tom Petty you ask? If you've ever been to a bar anywhere in the US then I can guarantee you've heard of him. I played the beginning of "Free Fallin" for my hubby this morning and he almost immediately began to sing along (shout out to Skybar in Auburn, AL). I would be remiss not to discuss Petty in my blog series. Petty's career spans decades and is studded with a few prestigious awards along the way. The guy even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Billboard did an amazing write-up on his 6,781% (yes, 6,781% increase) in sales following his death linked below:

I do have to note that he used the confederate flag to promote an album in the 80's which he had since apologized for so this awkward now or nah?

Check his take on the concept album from the 80's here:

3. Song of the Week: BYOB by Sophia

You can listen here on Apple Music too. BYOB. Come my way, Yes!!!

What do you think about this track? Let me know in the comment section below!

4. A3C Festival x F.I.L.A Night Show

I already told y'all how excited I am about A3C Festival. This week I'm featuring the F.I.L.A Night Show event. Crime Mobb, Lotto Savage, F.L.Y, Joe Gifted. Need I say more?

I'm checking for these traptacular vibes ya digg?

Need Water?

Festival Dates: Oct 4th – Oct 8th

Get tickets and stuff here:

5. #djlife: One Up Chronicles (Ongoing)

On Tuesdays, I'm in full effect on Highly Unique Radio's drive-time show One Up Chronicles! Me & Host @therealkeymarie have been building a vibe to get you through your traffic drive and beyond!

The show airs LIVE every Tues from 5-7PM EST. To listen, you need to have the Highly Unique Radio App or the tunein App. Both are available in the GooglePlay Store or the iTunes Store.

Until next time...

- DJ Josie Rock

What do you think about Josie’s Weekly Roundups? Let me know in the comment section down below!


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