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Josie's Weekly Round Up (Week 9)

What up?! Here goes another edition of Josie's Weekly Round Up! Last week I mentioned the time change, how are you adjusting? I felt good the first or second day but now not so much. I also talked about switching to champagne or whatever but just know your girl didn't actually do that either. LOL Straight gin for me. Anyhoo, let’s get into it!

Catch up with Josie’s #WeeklyRoundUp for the Week November 9th, 2017 below!

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1. It costs $600M to break into the Music Copyright Industry

Well actually almost double that figure. Wow! Copyrights and royalties stand as the backbone for any working artist. And there's a tech company in the UK that's banking on that fact. Kobalt Music Group just anted up and bought $600 million (yes, million with a "M") worth of copyrights. 

Let me give you some background. Kobalt is an indie publishing company founded in 2000. Thus far it's helped a bunch of musicians collect and track royalties on their music. At it's start, Kobalt didn't actually own any copyrights itself, yet that recently changed. Hmmm..interesting stuff! Alot of lawyers and Mutual Funds involved in the projected success of this company. I guess sometimes the topic of publishing and royalties can be something that we forget when we stream our fav song. How do the folks that made that song eat? Well Kobalt is making sure that they do! Ha!

2. DJ Josie Rock x Merch

Christmas is right around the corner! That's why it's the perfect time to officially launch DJ Josie Rock Merch. We're building a brand here people! Join the wave with the first item in my collection! The Layin' Low baseball cap is my go-to accessory. Real talk. Sometimes you feel like layin' low, so why not at least make a statement of support when you do it? I've got a few colors up in the Shop section. And depending how they do, we'll think about expanding the collection. Let's see where this goes!

3. When Hip-Hop is Life

Over the past few years we've really begun to see the influence that Hip Hop has on mainstream culture. Could you imagine ten years ago seeing a show on prime-time ABC with the storyline of a Rapper turned Mayor? I don't think so! Fast forward to today and we actually have that show. it's called  "The Mayor" and its about just that; "an aspiring rapper who unwittingly becomes the mayor of his hometown after running to gain publicity for his music." , we also have the hit FX series "Atlanta" that won a Golden Globe for "Best TV Series" in addition to 2 Emmys earlier this year! All of this exposure has definitely been a long-time coming and I'm excited to see this continued rise in Hip Hop. 

(Photo cred: FX/ABC)

Now that we are center stage, it's time to push for some of the social change that has been long over-due for minorities. The World is watching and taking notes! 

4. Josie Rock's Song of the Week: Venting – RIKI

We need more R&B vibes like this one!

I'm also here for the cover art. What do y'all think? To listen, y'all need to rely on the #internets...

5. DJ Josie Rock x Highly Unique Radio

So, I've gotten some requests to include my upcoming show times in this blog and also to let y'all know when I'm ON AIR so that you can tune in. I gotcha! So you may be receiving updates from me on Tuesdays and Wednesdays saying something like "I'm live RIGHT NOW!" so be on the lookout!

Here's what I have going next week in Radio!

Since this past Tuesday was a slimmed down version of the OneUp Chronicles show, I didn't get a chance to get to the majority of the new music I had planned! Including some Indie tracks that I really like. I got you next week though!

This coming Wednesday, I'll be djing for Energy Radio from 7-9P EST. Be sure to tune in for that show as well!

To listen, you need to have the Highly Unique Radio App or the tunein App. Both are available in the GooglePlay Store or the iTunes Store.

Remember, "knowledge will give you power, character will give you respect." - Bruce Lee

Until next time...

- DJ Josie Rock

What do you think about Josie’s weekly Roundup? Let me know in the comment section down below!


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