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Josie's Weekly Round Up (Week 6)

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

I shared a post on my IG today talking about consistency. It's so true that we are what we repeatedly do & think. On that note, I hope you enjoy this week's Roundup. From Josieland to your device!

Catch up with Josie’s #WeeklyRoundUp for the Week October 19th, 2017 below!


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Now, lets #RounditUp!

1. Hip-Hop Culture is American Culture (Officially)

The Wall-Street Journal recently ran an article talking about who the next big Hip-Hop star is going to be. I didn’t really read the whole thing (lol) but I will say that the beginning of it was full of stats about how Hip-Hop and R&B artists are running the table on Billboard and Nielsen charts. Did y’all know that earlier this year, “R&B/Hip-hop surpassed rock for the first time to officially become the biggest music genre in America”? Can we get a mf’n round of applause? For real though, that’s huge! The numbers don’t lie. And urban influence is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

If you’re interested, my quote came from this article:

2. It's Fashion Week in Seoul, Korea!

Let's all close our eyes and imagine that we had the time and resources to travel to every Fashion Week across the globe... Today wraps Day 3 of Seoul Fashion Week SS 18. I've been semi-following the designers and shows and loving the style. I also plan on pricing flights for the next fashion week but until I save up enough $$$, I'll be using #SeoulFashionWeek & @SeoulFashionWeek2018 and my imagination; which is close enough.

(Korean Model @ryeon_chu) 

3. Lil Yachty is Performing at the Fox this Friday

If you’re in the A this Friday, why not grab tickets to see Lil Yachty at the Fox Theater?

Let’s be real, Lil Boat has a bit more work to do before he makes it on anyone’s best cypher list but I honestly enjoy his music. Broccoli & Yo Gotti’s “Law” blend together perfectly and Peek-A-Boo is in Crate Sesh vol. 2. It should be a high-energy show. You should definitely check it out!

4. Song of the Week: Miguel Sky Walker (feat. Travis Scott)

I've been vibing to this Skywalker song for a minute. I also love where Miguel is right now! He appears to be in a space that is more free. Give it a spin and let me know what you think!

5. DJ Josie Rock (might) will be on BET this Sunday!

Alright, so the purpose of this blog is not to show you all the cool things that I’m doing. I’m no socialite! I’m just a girl with a full-time job that likes to dj and share my opinion on topics that I’m interested in. With that being said, I did get a chance to attend a pretty cool Breast Cancer awareness event put on by BET. The venue was close to my house so I was extra excited to get all dressed-up and head “up the street.” The function was an award-show type gathering, including a host and performances!

(Photo cred: BET)

It also featured 2 honorees, Karen Eubanks Jackson & Erica Hart (pictured above), both of whom shared an amazing testimony about their experience with Breast Cancer. You’ll really have to look out for Erica, my ears perked-up a bit when she spoke about systemic patriarchy (deep, I know.)

Don’t be surprised if you see me on your TV singing along to Keyshia Cole & Xscape. The event is called BET Her Fights: Breast Cancer and airs on Sunday, Oct 22 7P/6C.

That's all for this week! Catch ya next time. 

-DJ Josie Rock

What do you think about Josie’s Weekly Roundups? Let me know in the comment section down below!


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